Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Yesterdays Heroes, The Ghost who Walks.... meet The Phantom

The fictional  hero called the Phantom is also known as "The Ghost Who Walks" due to the belief he is a person who has lived for over 400 years.

This is a myth as although the Jungle legend has existed for a long time, it is a title and roll that has been passed down from Father to son over a long period.  When the Father retires is  unable to continue as the Ghost Who Walks, his son or sometimes daughter takes up the mantle. Usually retirement means the death of the former Phantom. The hero is a man of great wealth, most of which has been gathered over the years by his forefathers, being it from Pirate Treasure, to mined Gold and  gem stones found in the location of his home.

All the old Phantoms are buried in the catacombs of his home and base of operations  in Skull Cave, thus helping the legend continue.

As the new Phantom dresses and acts like his predecessor, people  believe he is the same person.

First appearing in 1936 as a Newspaper Comic strip he became very popular with young and old alike at the time. Over the years he has appeared in his own comic, Radio Show, Movie Serial, Major Motion Picture and even TV Cartoon. Although this character was never as big as the Big Bad Bat from Gotham City, both heroes have similarities.

The original Phantom of the 1930's was Christopher Walker who was the 21st person to have taken up the mantle as the adventurer. Later his son Kit would inherit the roll as the 22nd Phantom.

Although the Phantom operates out of his Skull Cave in Bangalla  a fictional place in Central Africa, his dentures at times took him all over the Globe.

With no Super Powers accept his two fists and athletic abilities, this mystery man or should I say MEN, only relays on two hand guns. Evil doers usually get marked after being defected by The Phantom by being branded by the hero's Skull Ring.

Next Time another forgotten Hero

Until then     ENJOY !

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