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The New Teen Titans Part Twenty Eight The Final Showdown

Last time I told how Dick Grayson had become Nightwing and he had learnt that Joseph Wilson son of Deathstroke was himself a person with extraordinary abilities.

As the Two "New" Heroes raced off to the secret location where HIVE were holding the Teen Teens, both Dick Grayson aka Nightwing and Joey Wilson aka Jericho had little idea what they would be facing, or what danger Dick's friends were in.

Nightwing was no newbie hero, but Dick was wearing a new costume and was carrying weapons and equipment that he had not truly tested or used in battle. Also he worried if Jericho was skilled enough to undertake the task in hand. There were no guarantees that their rescue attempt would work or would they be too late to save the Titans.

At this time the kidnapped Teen Titans were just about coming around after their capture.  They came face to face with Deathstroke and were made aware of HIVE and their involvement in the whole situation.


Just as the Titans were becoming aware of their situation, many of them were wondering where their teem mate Terra was all apart from Raven who although knew was not in a position to tell her friends.  The wait for   the answer of what had become of the youngest Titan was soon forthcoming as Deathstroke announced that he had had some assistance in capturing the Teen Titans with the help of TERRA herself.

Terra laughed at the Heroes and teased them with what she really thought of them. She even implied that she and Slade were an item and lovers. (the under aged sex was not discussed, but we all knew ) . The Team were then told that their powers were being negated by the machine they all found themselves strapped to, except for Raven who was still partly sedated as her powers being mystical seemed to not be able to be controlled in the same way.


The shock and disbelief was hard for all of them to grasp, more so for Changeling who realised Tara's love for him was fake.

During this event both Nightwing and Jericho had managed to break into the Hive Head Quarters, and had made good progress in getting to where their friends were being held.....but before they managed to free the other Titans, they themselves had also been captured. Terra had spotted them and had used her incredible powers to knock them out.

Terra announced to Slade that she had captured Dick Grayson and brought him bound before the other Titan's. This was the first time they had see Dick dressed as Nightwing.

Following behind was Jericho, who Slade recognised as his son Joseph.  The shock of this  caused Slade to let his guard down, thus allowing  Jericho to make contact with his father and his first action was to take a swipe at Terra. Unaware of why her "Lover" had hit her she retaliated and attacked Deathstroke.

In the confusion the machine holding the Titans was destroyed freeing the team to take on Terra and the Hive.

Terra's temper rises and rises and she starts attacking everyone, Slade tries to convince Terra that he is not in control of his own actions, but as she and the others do not know about Jericho's powers she can only assume that he has also turned on her.

As the battle rages on, each of the Titans tries to calm Terra, but each of them are nearly killed in the process, finally Changeling attacks her in the shape of a Fly in her eye..... The result is that Terra's RAGE finally make her lose control over her powers causing havoc and destruction.


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As her rage grows she finally realises she has lost control of her abilities and in an attempt to reign in her powers realises she needs to sacrifice her own well being.

 From the look on her face at the final moments it is believed she took her own life to help protect the others around her.  It may be a touch of clarity of the situation or just that Tara did not care about her own life anymore. Maybe the rejection she had received from Deathstroke was finally too much for her damaged mind to take.

When Changeling finally found  her body in the wreckage, he cannot help but be saddened by what may have been .
There are no winners in this battle, just losers.

The Teen Titans decide to cover up the real reason for Terra's death to help her Brother Brion aka Geo-Force deal with his loss. She is buried as a Hero. The Titans believe deep down inside she was a good person, but her unhappy personal life had caused her to resent others and lead her down the dark path she had taken.

Wilson Slade is taken into custody it appears willingly, and Joseph Wilson is invited to join the Teen Titans.

Joey Wilson the reluctant hero JERICHO

Tara Markov is buried and is hailed as a Hero.
Tara's Grave and monument.

This brings to the end my tale of the New Teen Titans for now.

Its GOOD BYE from The New Teen Titans

Next Time something NEW

Until then ENJOY !

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