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The New Teen Titans part Twenty Six ... Richard Grayson, A New Hero is Born of Kryptionian Heritage

Last time we left Dick Grayson coming to terms that not only had the woman he loved along with his closest friends had been kidnapped by the mercenary and assassin  Deathstroke The Terminator. Dick's had had his own life turned upside down by a the ex wife of the said kidnapper breaking into Titans Tower announcing  that she knew his greatest secret. The secret that He was or had been the Hero Robin was known to very few outside the Super Hero Community . The fact that Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke was working for the secret organisation HIVE was also a shock as was the fact that Wilson was only doing this to settle a contract that had originally been undertaken by the now deceased Ravager , Adeline's other son Grant.

Adeline had informed Dick that she had little love for her former husband after his passed cavalier attitude to her or their sons. And was responsible for blinding him many years ago.

Adeline Kane had offered to help him track down and save his friends, and although Dick had tried his best to say that she was mistaken  that he was or had been the Boy Wonder, he knew that he needed her help and would have to put trust in her and with that her silent son Joseph Wilson.

As Dick was no longer Robin, as that mantle had now been passed onto another, he knew he could not risk taking on Deathstroke or his employers as himself. Dick Grayson needed as disguise.

Retiring to his quarters in the Titans Tower, thoughts of what had happened ran through his mind. Was Kory, Donna, Raven, Gar and Victor still alive ? Was Wally safe ?  Did Terra play a part in this ? or was she innocent of deception and betrayal ? Could be depend on asking Batman for assistance ?  Was he now to pre occupied in training Jason Todd, Dick's replacement ? Had Slade Wilson told anyone else of his secret identity ? If so what would happen to Bruce ? Was this the end of the Titans ?

Trying to make sense of what was happening to him.

As these thoughts flooded through his head, he reached under his bed and pulled out a locked trunk. inside was something that may help at least help equip him for the task ahead of him.

Opening the case he gazed inside.
A box full of memories of the past, and memories in the making.

There were many things and memories of his past life. A torn and faded Photograph of his late Parents and him on the day of their Murder, Some of his own Bat-arangs, and weapons he had used in his former life, There was a Press clipping on his debut as The Boy Wonder. There was a letter from Alfred, the closes thing Dick had a a Grandfather. There was a picture of his friend Kal-el and his best Pal Jimmy Olsen during one of their adventures in the Bottled City of Kandor. And two symbols a gift from the same Kal-el, who had inspired him to look to his own future. To become his own Hero.

Along with all these memories of the past, was a strange garment, a colourful costume. Maybe NOT as bright and colourful as his Robin uniform, but A New and unworn Costume more in keeping with the way Dick wished his future to move, A costume that was to be a very big part in Dick's future.   Dick Grayson was no longer Robin the Junior partner of the Dark Knight Batman. He needed a new identity, he needed to make a name for him self, and that name would be inspired from a Kryptonian legend, told to him by Superman himself, that itself had been inspired from his mentor Batman and his own as Robin escapades. Something old, something new, something borrowed and something BLUE. . This was something that he had not even shared with his beloved Kory.

Where his Robin identity had been inspired by the Legend of Robin Hood, and his look a nod to his Circus Acrobatic Uniform, the idea and concept of the Boy Wonder had been Batman's.

Nightwing borrowed on the Look of the Batman, without the fussy Cape and Cowl. The Name was a nod to the Kryptionian Kandor Hero Nightwing, a Nome Du plume adopted by Superman on visits to the Bottled City.  ( For the history behind Nightwing & Flamebird see my previous posts about Kandor, Superman and Braniac.)

Nightwing and his inspiration

No more Red, Green and and a Gold Coloured Cape. No more pixie boots and bare legs. It was now Mix of Dark and Light Blue and a flash of yellow. Dick Grayson was no longer a boy wonder, he was now a man on a mission.
Dick Grayson a New Hero born from the legend of his own past.

Putting on the costume, Dick returned to the control room at the Tower and announced himself as NIGHTWING.


However, This shock announcement was soon forgotten as yet another new Hero entered the fold.

Next Time we meet that new hero and the New Nightwing makes CONTACT with him !

Until then ENJOY !

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