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THE NEW TEEN TITANS part Twenty Five Deathstroke's Past is revealed

Last time we learnt that Deathstroke along with Terra has managed to successfully capture all of the active Teen Titan's

Only by the skin of his teeth did the former Boy Wonder dick Grayson manage to avoid capture himself.

With Slade Wilson still looking for him, Dick  arrived at Titans Tower to find it in a mess. Putting together the clues he found, the Young detective worked out a battle had taken place at the Tower involving Terra and Raven. This added to the fact that all of the other Titans seemed also to have been abducted whilst at their own homes, lead Dick to realise that they too must have fallen foul of Deathstroke.

Dick knew who had attacked the Titans, but did not know why ? or that Terra had betrayed them.

As Dick started to make plans to locate the other Titans and rescue them a strange figure appeared from the shadows. It was a Woman, but who was she and what was she doing at Titans Tower.
As the figure stepped into the light Dick Grayson realised that he did not know who this person was, and further more who was the other person standing beside her.

The woman quickly introduced her self as Adeline Kane , and as the man behind her also stepped from the shadow introduced the other stranger as her son Joseph.

Unlike his Mother Joseph remained silent. Dick found this young man a mystery. On the outside he appeared calm and placid,  but his eyes appeared to tell a different story.

Adeline commenced to inform Dick Grayson that she knew who he was and why Deathstoke had attacked them, and his need to fulfil his late son Ravager contract with HIVE.  Dick told Adeline he knew who Ravager was and that Deathstroke was Wilson Slade...... but he was shocked to then learn that Adeline was in fact Slade's Wife and Mother of Ravager aka Grant Wilson....... and Joseph was also their son.

The news that Dick Grayson's secret identity was known by Deathstroke and his "Wife" was a worry to him. Not just the impact that would have on him, but the impact that would arise if the world got to find out this secret and his mentor Bruce Wayne's Dark Knight alter ego .

Dick tried to bluff his way around the subject of him being Robin, but he knew that Adeline was far too cleaver to believe any cover story he tried to invent.

Dick asked Adeline why should he trust her and her son, especially as they were related to Deathstroke, Adeline grabbed  ahold of the collar of Joseph's shirt and pulled it down.

This revealed a scar that went across Joseph's throat.  Adeline explained that Joseph had been hurt many years ago when Joseph was just a Young child,  by someone trying to get back at her husband, who by then had become the paid mercenary and assassin Deathstroke. Slade had refused to divulge information to the person who was threatening his son's life out of his own  mis judged loyalty to his assassins code. Adeline realised that Slade put his own needs and that of his Deathstroke The Terminator career above that of her children or herself.

The wound  did not kill Joseph, but resulted in him becoming mute as his vocal cords had been severed.  Out of rage for her husband allowing this to happen and casing both her and her family to be put in unnecessary danger, Adeline attempted to shot her husband Slade Wilson. If his enraged wife really meant to kill Slade is unknown, but the results of her actions would live with him for the rest of his life
The Original Deathstroke, a man on a mission.


Years ago Slade Wilson, a man with no regard to anyone but himself. A Code of morality that did not include putting his family first or safe.


Taking Matters in her own Hands. Revenging her son.
The Bullet Hits its Mark.
DEATHSTROKE a stone cold Killer or a man with a mission.?

Only his enhanced reflexes avoided him being killed. However the bullet did manage to strike home, hitting Slade in the eye blinding him in his right eye. A wound that even his enhanced body could never repair or restore. His life forever changed. He had lost his Wife, his Children and his Eye. But he did not care, he had his career. He was Deathstroke the Terminator, what Else did he need.?


Adeline continued her story. with her marriage to Slade was over she tried her up most to make sure he had no further contact with her or her Children. However, her older son Grant would following in his father's foot steps and would join military school. He would later be co-opted by HIVE to dispose of the Teen Titans.  (details of this I have already covered) Adeline knew that although Grant's death was not Slade's fault, she realised that HIVE had used Grant to get Slade to do their bidding as if Slade had agreed initially to the contract, her older son would not have been considered or experimented on. Unlike his younger Brother Joseph, Grant Wilson was born before Slade had agreed to undertake the Military experiments that would later grant him his enhanced abilities.

Still sceptical of how he was going to help free his team mates with the help of Adeline Kane, Dick decide to leave the company of this strange and embittered  woman and her silent Son, and retired to his room in Titan's Tower. He pondered  over the information he had received and what had happened in the hours before. He knew what he needed to do, reaching under his bed he pulled out a locked trunk.

Inside was hopefully a way to help save his friends.

Next time Dick Grayson transforms and Joseph Wilson makes CONTACT !

Until Then  ENJOY !

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