Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Welcome Home Batman, and Good Bye Boy Wonder

Damion Wayne was now serving as the latest in a long line of Boy Wonders.

OK his Batman may not have been the original, but Dick Grayson was making a good effort at duplicating the results of his mentor Bruce Wayne. Both the members of the new Team of Batman & Robin were keeping the peace in Gotham City. Damion on occasion proved to all that he did have what it took to be Robin, however at times his behaviour and ruthlessness did cause cause for concern. Where in the past, most of the Robin's where Team Players, and had adventures with various team of Teen Titans, Damion found that this was not too his liking..... and that of the other Titans it seemed too. So his membership never really got approved or welcomed.

However, when it was found that Bruce Wayne had not died, but had been misplaced in time, it was not long until it was all change again in the Bat Cave.

Originally Bruce wanted Dick to remain as Batman, he had an idea that he could build an army of BATMEN to help fight crime thought the country and the globe.

For a time the was in theory TWO Batman in Gotham, but after a while Dick went back to being Nightwing, a role that was him, and a role where he did not have to be a copy of Bruce.
Robin to Two Bat-Men

Bruce took Damion as his Robin, and their team worked well. Damion would rebel at times, but on the whole the combination of Father And Son worked.

However, when Bruce learnt that a price had been put on Damion's head by the very League of Assassins that he had originally been a part of, Bruce told Damion he could no longer be Robin. Of course Damion took no notice and continued.

In the end Damion dies at the hands of  Heretic who was an adult version of Damion. After Damion's death the fact that a clone of Damion had killed his son, made Bruce Wayne doubt if the real Damion did in fact die.  Before Bruce could discover the truth about Damion his body  was stolen, leaving the door open for the return of Damion Wayne. BUT in what form or manner is unsure.

Well that brings my tale of the Batman Family to an end. It has taken me over a year to tell the story of The Dark Knight and Clan from the early days of the 1939 up until the start of the NEW 52 Universe. Some characters I have not covered, but maybe one day I will return to Gotham and do them all justice.

Although I am a real fan of The BAT-MAN, I have little if any knowledge of the "NEW" 52 Batman, as I feel that although the changes has and have  excited many fans, it raises the issue why keep changing the characters. Costumes these days seem to change from week to week, when in the past the only changes normally happened when an artist changed and then it was a small change, a new utility belt, longer cape and re colouring. BUT not anything like what happens today.

The same could be said about the back stories of all the characters of the New 52. On the whole Batman and Superman have not changed too much, but enough to realise that my Golden Age of Comic Reading may be at an end.

Maybe that what happens when you read comics for too many years. It is sometimes easier to look backwards to the past than confront the future and change.

Next Time I will finish up The Batman Family Saga

Until Then ENJOY.

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