Friday, 6 June 2014

The Year of The BATMAN Family comes to an END ! But Meet Flame Hawk before we go

When I started looking at Batman and the BATMAN FAMILY way back in  May  2013 I never thought that it would take this long to hi light some of the changes that have happened to Bruce Wayne and his alter ego as it has done.

As I already mentioned I looked at The original Golden Age Caped Crusader, through to the Silver and then Modern Ages.

Along the way we have met at least Two Bat women, Three Batmen, Five Robins , Five Batgirls, One Bat-Hound, One Bat-mite and a Butler Called Alfred. And that is without counting the Earth 2 part of the family !!!!.   I hope you have enjoyed my trip to Gotham City over the last 12 months.

Here is an extra character that I did. She is part of the NEW 52 Universe, but is based in the original Golden - Silver Age.

Betty, Bette or Elizabeth Kane was the first Bat Girl, niece of the original BAT-WOMAN. Betty the Robin obsessed "Stalker"  who was later changed after the Crisis (the FIRST ONE) to become Flame Bird.  goes by the name  FLAME HAWK in the new 52.

Along with her now "Cousin" Katherine OR KATE Kane, The New Age BATWOMAN have become a female version of the Dynamic Duo.

So here is Betty, Bette or is that Elizabeth Kane as Flame Hawk.

The Ladies of the BAT

Next Time something NEW

Stay Tuned   and ENJOY !

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