Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Original BAT - MAN Begins

The new Topic of my Blog will be concerning the original Caped Crusade himself...... THE BAT-MAN. Along with some of the characters who make up the so called BATMAN FAMILY

Back in 1939 Artist Bob Kane along with writer Bill Finger created THE BAT-MAN who appeared in Detective Comics 27#. .  This was the story of a everyday Millionaire business man and Playboy who by day built up his business empire, and by night beat up the Criminals and evil doers of Gotham City. He character was an automatic success, and would go on to star in many more publications, Films, TV Shows and Cartoons ever since.

Unlike most "SUPER" heroes The BAT-MAN had no super powers, accept his enquiring Mind, his arsenal of amazing equipment and his TWO Fists.

The original concept of the character has remained very close to the original idea, showing that if  you have a good idea, DON'T CHANGE IT.

Well in my Dawgs Style here is the 1939 version  of THE BAT-MAN.

Although the original look included purple gloves, the overall appearance  is very near to how he looks today.  The Original Dark Knight carried and used a hand gun, but soon he relied on what he had been given..... his two fists. His Cape still doubled as a gliding parachute, and was depicted as being more like Bat Wings, but as time went on even this changed into what we see today


A few issues later his gloves now matched his costume, and his Bat Ears pointed in a more up right direction, and he now had a new styled chest logo and a new styled utility belt.
The Bat-Man from Detective  Comics 30 #

Next time we meet the first member of the BAT-MAN FAMILY.

until then Enjoy.

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