Friday, 31 May 2013

The BAT - MAN as originally conceived

Last time I wrote about the creation of The BAT-MAN and his debut in Detective Comics, but not many people know about the original conception of the Hero who would go onto be The Dark Knight.

The story  according to archive records is that in Early 1939 after the success of Superman in Action Comics, the editors of National Publications (who would later become DC Comics) requested more of these so called " Super Heroes " to appear in their pages and publications.

Artist BOB KANE came up with an idea for a hero called THE BAT-MAN. and showed fellow writer  Bill Finger some rough drawings he had done.

The Hero drawn  looked like a Superman -ish character was dressed in red long John Tights with dark shorts and boots. No gloves or gauntlets. Unlike Superman he worn a small face mask to hide his identity. Not a full face mask, but a small domino mask.  Instead of a Cape, this hero had two large Bat Wings. The Name Bat-Man was written underneath.

After a bit of a discussion it was suggested that the mask needed to be bigger, and the wings needed to be more cape like. And the main thing was the red suit needed to go...... and the BAT-MAN needed a logo like Superman.
More Like the Finished article , but not quite right. More Night Wing ?

After some more revision the Bat-Man resembled what was seen in my last blog...... and by then Kane & Finger had worked out who BAT-MAN was and why he did what he did...... and the rest is history so they say.

Next time meet Bat-Man's new trusty side kick.


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