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The Teen Titans ranks had grown over a short space of time,

The Full membership of the Titans during the Late 1960's

 however when  the Group disbanded and  split up for a short while after the death they did not prevent (as detailed in Lilith's Story) this looked like the end for the Teen Titans.

Robin had been forced to return to Gotham City to become a full time partner of The Bat-Man. a decision made by Caped Crusader as he was disappointed in his  young ward. Garth  was still away on personal business in Atlantis helping Aqua-man.

The other Titans remained together, now under the care of Mr Jupiter, they were persuaded to give up their costumed identities and work for him and his organisation.  Even though still together, they were no longer the Teen Titans.  Mr Jupiter had an idea to help train them to be a force for good but not to relay on or hide behind their costume identities. .... (This idea did not last too long, and the Grey and white Jumpsuits were soon replaced by the colourful clothes of the Titans..... falling sales of a Comic Book will sometimes lead to quick changes.  You really could not have a Comic called The Teen Titans, when the subjects where just ordinary Teens in boring Jumpsuits ! )  So this story line was fazed out and the Titans got SUPER again.

Robin also returned and the Teen Titans returned to a normal more Super Hero Look.  But now they had a sponsor and financier in Mr Jupiter who would continue to guide the young heroes. Bat-Man still not happy with how the Titans had operated, no longer would support them and their expenses via the Wayne Foundation.

Although the Team had 9 members, not all of them were part of the Team.  Aqua Lad spent most of his time beneath the Ocean dealing with Atlantis Affairs and Hawk & Dove would spend time away from the team dealing with situations closer to their home.  This would cause a strain on Dove's romantic attachment to Lilith.   Lilith kind nature and Dove's overall demeanour had meant that they were extremely attracted to one another. These two love birds meant that Wonder Girl and her Beau Speedy were no longer the only two Titans to be in a relationship.  BUT remember this was the late 1960's early 1970's and both pairs relationships would not be shown as anything more than Boy Friend - Girl Friend.   Holding hands and a peck on the cheek was as far as these kids went.  It would only be  with the return of a new group of Teen Titans in the 1980's when relationships would be allowed to develop further.

Lilith and Don Hall's (DOVE) relationship would suffer as a result of them spending time apart, but soon Lilith would find a new person in which she would find love. He would be older than her, well he was a few million years older than her.

Mal had been accidentally transported back in time by an invention developed by Mt Jupiter's organisation.   Mal was now trapped in prehistoric times when man was no more than a  Neanderthal cave dwelling race of people.

With the aid of Kid Flash, Mal was returned to the present day, but  unintentionally they picked up a hitch hiker....... A Caveman (or Cave Teenager to be correct )


On arrive in the 20th Century , the Cave Boy nearly trashing Mr Jupiter's office and laboratory only the intervention of Lilith could calm the confused Cave Teen.   Mr Jupiter was unable to return the wild boy back to his own time, so decided that the challenge of "Domesticating" the cave boy would be a good task for the Titans.

The Titans nicknamed him GNARRK as this was the phrase the Cave Teen kept on repeating to his captors . Lilith established a Psychic Bond with Gnarrk and discovered that beneath the rugged exterior lay a wonderful, but frightened Beautiful mind. 

Along with the help of Wonder Girl, Lilith gave Gnarrk a shave and a haircut, revealing a strikingly handsome young man. As the weeks went on Lilith began to educate Gnarrk in the ways of the modern world, and soon Gnarrk's transformation was complete.  Although Lilith knew when she first met him he was intelligent, now he was able to show this himself through is own communication skills. 
More He - Man than Cave Man

Even though Gnarrk looked like a normal teen ager, OK he was a modern day cave man, he was still Innocent of many things. He was stronger and faster than the average man, after all he was of a
Neanderthal back ground,  a race that predated Homo Sapiens .... and sometimes he had difficulties dealing with new situations, but with Lilith's help he would continue to evolve.

With the help of the Titans, Gnarrk or John as he was now called, obtained a job for a while. But once his true origin was discovered his employer was forced to let him go.

Gnarrk would on occasion help the Teen Titans on missions, but never was officially made one of the team.

Gnarrk and Lilith's    romance continued to grow, and eventually they left the Super Hero life behind and headed to California to build a life for themselves.

This would not be the end of Gnarrk or Lilith, but that's the end of their tale for now.

Next time we meet the Joker of the Pack ! ( or was SHE ? )


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