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Before they were asked to become part of the Teen Titans, the Hall brothers,  Hank & Don had enjoyed a short successful career as the duo HANK & DOVE.  They had helped the Teen Titans on occasions, and even battled them.

Originally the Hall Brothers did not know how they obtained their Super Powers but many years into their costumed fighting careers they found out they had been granted them by two mysterious forces of the Cosmos, The Lords of Chaos and Order.

Both brother received similar powers, but would go about using  them in different, and at times conflicting manners.

Don Hall was better known as DOVE,  unlike his brother and crime fighting partner Hank or HAWK he held a more of a pacifist nature and would look for a peaceful answer to conflict. His Liberal approach to situations, with a  thoughtfulness and reasoned regard for doing the " Right Thing"  meant that at time Dove could be prone to being seen as too indecisive..... and this meant his brother believed him to be weak !

If a Victory could be found through Peaceful Ways, Dove tried his best to achieve this.

HOWEVER, his Brother Hank Hall had a completely different view to life and getting the job done.

Hank Hall was better know to the world at HAWK.  He could have been called the complete opposite of his brother Dove.   He was short tempered, aggressive and had a very conservative and reactionary nature regarding solving problems.   Where Dove looked for Victory through Peaceful ways, Hawk believed it Fight First, Talk Second...... Kill or Be Killed.

Dove and Hawk came into being in the late 1960's at a time when War & Peace were a common everyday topic,   Dove appealed to the Make Love Not War ! half of society, where Hawk tended to follow the traditional view  of Attack before you get Attacked. An EYE for An EYE !

This balance of two good people trying to solve the problems that they came upon in very different ways, was not a new one. BUT due to the time or AGE  these characters were "born" into, today both Hawk and Dove look like A Hippie Do - gooder and a Crazy Hot Headed Vigilante.  Two heroes with one aim but two extremely difference ways of working. This differnce of opinion would cause the two to end up fighting each other at times.

Here are the Brothers Dove and Hawk together .


Although Hawk and Dove became members of the Teen Titans, their attendance was more on a PART TIME basis. However, as time went on and the Hall brothers parted company from the Teen Titans, they would soon be part of their own group of Super Heroes on the West Coast of America.

 More of that at a later date.

Next time, a new member who came to the Titans with nothing to offer but his two fists.


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