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Whilst a part of the AVENGING HOUNDS The She Hounded Hulk showed the whole world that not all Gamma empowered beings were bad.   She thrived as part of the Group and began to become a roll model to others. She became happier to stay in her Hulked form, and gave up her previous life as plain old Jaw-Sniffer Waterbowl.

Things were going great for the Giant Jade Canine until she along with most of the Super Hero Hounds of New Yorkie City were kidnapped by a mighty cosmic entity call THE BEG- HOUNDER.  She and most of the Avenging Hounds, the Fur-tastic Four, The X-Mutts , Spider Pup and Her cousin The Hounded Hulk.   founded themselves on an alien world. Whilst there the Heroes were forced to battle a group of various super vill-hounds that The Beg-Hounder had also Kidnapped.

This Group included the likes of Dog-tor Doom,    Amuttor the Enchantress, Ult-tail-on the Evil Robotic Mutt, Doggie Octopup and Molecule Mutt to name a few.

Details of this so called Secret Woofie Wars I will cover sometime later.

The Battles raged for months, but in the end the Heroes won and were returned back to their lives on Earth.  However, NOT all the Hero Hounds returned.   Bone Grimm the Hairy Thing from the Fur-tastic Four decided to stay and explore the Alien World. His main reason was that during his time on BATTLE WORLD he had developed the ability to change from his Rocky Hairy Thing form to his Canine Bone Grimm body at will.   His friend and team mate Lead Richards, aka Mr Fur-tastic told Bone that he believed that this ability to change form at will would disappear once he returned to Earth.

So Bone told Lead he would stay and Explore Battle World, but was worried that this would impact on the Teams dynamic....... How could the Fur-tastic Four survive with only 3 members ?  But Bone had a solution. During the Months battling the Vill-Hounds on the alien Battle World, he and all of the other Hero Hounds had got to know each other and their fighting abilities etc...... Bone believed he could offer a suggestion for his replacement from the gathered hero hounds........ His suggestion was THE SHE-HOUNDED HULK.


Both Lead and Jaw-nee Storm aka The Canine Torch thought this was a great idea, and they all returned to Earth to introduce the Fourth member of the Team ( The Invisible Pooch ) the good news.  Shuh Tzu(Sue) Richards had not not gone on the mission as she was at the time expecting her 2nd Puppy.

Back on Earth Jaw-sniffer  took up her new position as a member of the Fur-tastic Four. Unlike the Avenging Hounds this new team was a much closer bunch.  They were a Family, and The She-Hounded Hulk was invited to join the family unit.  She felt at home as part of the fab foursome. This new experience help Jaw-sniffer finally balance both sides of her being in a more positive way.

Jaw-sniffer Waterbowl enjoyed her time with the FF and they enjoyed her company too..... however when The Hairy Thing returned to Earth, Jaw-sniffer offered Bone Grim his place back on the team.

She would return to the Avenging Hounds for a time, before picking up her life  as Lawyer again.

These days she mixes her time between fighting crime on the streets and fighting crime in court. She does this in her She-Hounded Hulk form, as this is how she feels best. Both parts of her personality, ie   the SHE-Hounded Hulk and Jaw-sniffer Waterbowl have now completely merged.... and the resulting marriage has made her a much stronger character and hero hound, and a much happier person.

The road from shy lawyer, to Giant Green Goddess was not a easy one, but Jaw-sniffer is very happy she made the journey. The world accepts her for who she is NOT what she looks like anymore.


More tales of  Mutt-vell Hero Hounds very soon.


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