Friday, 19 August 2011


Pupfessor Severing Snapp teaches lessons in the use and making  of Mutt Magic  potions and elixirs.

Not a happy chap on the surface, he finds enjoyment  in terrorising his puppy pupils.   The school regards him as a fine teacher,  but is not to be messed with by the Students of Dogworts. or the other teachers !

His aim in life is to become the head of the Defense Against  the Bark Arts at the school, and one day Head Mutt Master of the whole school. Will this happen ? only time will tell.

A very powerful Wiz-hound in his own right, he is one of the good guys, but tends not to show it. His initial dislike of Hairy Potter was due to  Hairy's father, who had treated Severing very baddly years ago when they were both students at Dogworts.  BUT deep down inside he is proud to have played a part in helping mold and teach the young Wiz-hound enabling Hairy to become one of the greatest Magical Mutts ever.


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