Monday, 6 October 2014

Wonder Woman gets a 1960's make over.

As time moved into the 1960's Princess Diana's Wonder Woman Costume went through many changes. (as did she.)

First her Eagle Breast Plate became more less Eagle and more Breast Plate, Her Long shorts became short shorts, her Hair went from curly to straight and her tiara once worn on top of her hair, now went through it.

The only real constant during this period were her boots. Although the heal lengths did change all the time.

However, As Princess Diana moved to the final part of the decade she would adopt a brand new look. (But more of that next time.)

During the 1960's the idea of Earth 1 and Earth 2 became a new concept. Wonder Woman along with her allies Superman & Batman had all been around since the Start of WW 2, and had fought beside that golden Ages heroes of that time like the Justice Society of America. Earth 2 would help sort out the continuity problems that an none ageing super hero had. Earth 2 heroes could now age, whilst Earth 1 could show them as being connected to the modern era that they now lived in.

So like Batman & Superman, Wonder Woman's adventures in the Golden Era were now attributed to the Wonder Woman of Earth 2. His meant like Batman and Superman, Diana got to meet her "Sister" and doppelganger from an earlier time. This made sense to now style both Wonder Woman is different versions of the famous costume.

Later during the 1970's the Older WW would start to be shown with Grey Hair, and would now be married to her version of Steve Trevor.

So here is how Wonder Woman looked through the 1960's into the 1970's. The Blanked out picture is how she was depicted circa 1968 when it was all change for Princess Diana..... But more of that next time.

Small changes during the Swinging Sixties, but all change after 1968 !
More about the "NEW LOOK" Wonder Woman Next Time

Until the ENJOY !

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