Monday, 19 May 2014


When Batman aka Bruce Wayne was believed killed by Darkseid  the role of the Dark Night went to Dick Grayson, former Robin and now the Hero known as NIGHTWING.

The first thing he did was to upset things in the Bat Cave. Instead of allowing Tim Drake to serve as Robin to his new Batman, he took the Title and identity away from Tim and gave it to Damon Wayne, Bruce Wayne's SON.

Tim hurt by this decision would go on to take the name Red Robin, which had originally been used by the recently returned DEAD Jason Todd. BUT more about that later.

But who was Damian, and what was his connection to Bruce Wayne ?
Damion the True Heir to the BAT-MAN dynasty !

Damian's existence was not know about by Bruce Wayne for many years. Damian was Bruce's son by Talia, Daughter of Batman's enemy RA AL GHUL.  However, the child was not the result of a "Normal" romantic encounter between Bruce & Talia, the child was the result of a scientific experiment to breed the ultimate warrior and assassin.

By the time Damion came into Bruce's life he was a pre teenager, who was a formidable warrior and skilled in many forms of armed and unarmed combat.  Talia gave custody of "their" Son to Bruce manly to cause Bruce problems in his personal life as Bruce Wayne, and in his Private life as The BATMAN. Damion is a spoilt brat, who has little regard for anyone but himself. However, he believes in Batman and his fathers work, and decides he can do no better than to help his father in his war on crime.

Damion took an immediate dislike to Tim Drake, not only was Tim now officially Bruce's adopted son, he was also his Crime Fighting partner Robin, both rolls that Damion believed should be his by Birthright. Bruce treated Tim like his son, but originally found bonding with Damion was difficult, mainly due to Damion's  bad behaviour towards any authority. Precocious, spoilt, and violent..... were a good description of Damion

Bruce knew that Damion wanted to join him in his crusade to rid Gotham of Crime, but he felt that Damion's attitude and use of extreme violence made him very unsuitable as Robin. Plus anyway, Tim was Robin, and both Bruce and Tim worked well together as BATMAN & ROBIN, Why change a winning combination.

However, after Batman was believed killed by Darkseid,  live in the BAT CAVE changed.

Next Time a New Robin for a New Batman.

Until Then ENJOY !

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