Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Bette is Batty for Robin ....... Meet The Original BAT-GIRL

Continuing my history of the Bat-Man Family we now move on to BAT-GIRL

Readers of my Blog will know that I have already done a piece on Bette (Betty) Kane aka the Original Bat Girl, so I will make this posting brief.

Appearing in 1961 Betty Kane was the niece of Kathy Kane who secretly operated as the Bat Woman in Gotham City. On  a visit to see her Aunt Kathy, and hopefully spot Robin the Boy Wonder who she had a secret crush on, Betty discovered that Bat-Woman was in fact Aunt Kathy.  Betty would then decide that she would be an ideal person to be the Partner of Bat-Woman.  Without her Aunt's knowledge Betty designed and made her own costume ,  basing the colours on that of Robin's and elements of Bat-man's and Bat-Woman's Costumes....... She chose her moment and in the middle of a Battle involving  BAT-MAN, Robin and BAT-WOMAN fighting some crooks, Betty saved the day as BAT-GIRL.


After announcing her identity to her Aunt Kathy, Betty does her best to   convince her aunt to let her fight crime as her side kick.  Kathy hoped that her niece would soon lose interest; however, Betty would prove herself and  earn the right to continue acting as Bat-Girl . Like BAT-WOMAN who's character was designed to give a "LOVE INTEREST" to BAT-MAN, BAT-GIRL became ROBIN'S unofficial Girl Friend.

As Betty did not live with her Aunt, her career as BAT-GIRL would not be on a full time basis.  Bat-Girl would appear along side Bat-Woman and the Dynamic Duo on and off over the next 3 years, and would later disappear along side many of the other members of the BAT-MAN FAMILY.

Although, in the 1970's Betty would again go back into costume as part of the TEEN TITANS, where she would again try to catch the eye of her Boy Wonder.

Unlike Kathy Kane aka BAT-WOMAN, who would later be killed off and removed from the DC Continuity, Betty's Bat-Girl character would live to fight another day after the CRISIS. However her Title of BAT-GIRL would by then be owned by a Red Headed Crime fighter.

Betty or Bette Kane has recently appeared in the DC Modern line up of Characters along side the Current BAT-WOMAN....... However now she is called FLAME-BIRD ..... BUT to old Comic Book Fans she will always be BAT-GIRL

Maybe not the Greatest, but Betty Kane was the Original BAT-GIRL.


Next time its all MAGIC !

Until Next Time    ENJOY !

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