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Prior to the Crisis, Betty  Kane was the niece of  Kathy Kane. When Betty discovered  that her millionaire Auntie was secretly The Bat-Woman, she decided that Bat-Woman needed a partner, as Bat-Man had with Robin.  Betty had been a fan of Robin for years and fashioned a costume using similar colours to the Boy Wonder. The result was BAT-GIRL.  Although both her Aunt and Bat-Man tried to get Betty to give up her ideas of becoming a crime fighter, Betty, or Bat-Girl was too driven by her desire to be just like Robin, so reluctantly Bat-Man and Bat-Woman allowed her to become a member of the so called "BAT-MAN FAMILY"
The Pre- Crisis Bat-Man Family !

As time went on Bat-Girl realised that her love for Robin was not returned by the Boy Wonder, and eventually she stopped trying to capture his heart.

After Kathy Kane decided to retire as Bat-Woman, Betty tired to continue her Bat-Girl career on her own. However, soon Betty too hung up her Bat Cape and started to devote her energies in chasing her own career as an athlete.

Soon Betty Kane was one of the top female tennis stars, and enjoyed the attention she now received as a result.   She was not too pleased when she found out that a "NEW" Bat-Girl had appeared on the scene, and that this Red Headed version appeared to be more popular with the Press and the Public than she had ever been.

However, even though she had retired her Bat-Girl persona, she would on occasion slip back into costume when the need arose.  This is how she became part of the short lived West Coast Teen Titans, where she was reintroduced to her first love.... Robin.  Again she tried her best to win his heart, but at this time Robin only had eyes for the "OTHER" Bat-Girl, and rejected all of Betty's advances.
BAT - GIRL all grown up but still with her ROBIN ISSUES !

Betty would hang up her Bat-Girl costume this time  for good, and would return to her beloved  sporting career..... and this is how Betty Kane remained until the Crisis hit.

After the Crisis, Betty or Bette Kane, as she was now called  life was changed completely.  Firstly in the New Universe her Aunt Kathy Never became Bat-Woman, so as a result the Original Bat-Girl never came into being...... but some things did stay the same.

Bette was still obsessed with the heroic acts of Robin, and idolised him. She decided to try to make herself like him.  She decided to try to make herself as fit and athletic as possible, and by doing this she hoped to catch Robin's eye. She also started to write to Robin declaring her love for him. These letters were sent to ROBIN care of Gotham City.  It is unsure if Robin received any of these letters, but this did not stop Bette from continuing to hone her body into the ideal "MATE" for her Robin.

Over  the years, Bette became an athlete of Olympic standards, but after discovering a talent for Tennis, Bette decided that this was the path for her. All the time she still obsessed over Robin, who had recently reinvented himself as Night Wing.
The Public Face of Bette Kane

The Private Face of Bette Kane,   No 1 Robin Fan !

Finally, Bette got tired of waiting for Robin now Nightwing, to come courting her, she decided to catch his attention by becoming a Crime Fighter herself.  She fashioned a costume on the lines of Nightwings original Robin uniform and took the name FLAMEBIRD.
Move over BATGIRL, there is a New FLAMEBIRD in Town !

As Flamebird, Bette tried to make  Nightwing aware of her, but she failed to make any impact...... BUT after answering the call of Lilith, Bette as Flamebird became a member of the West Coast Teen Titans. This is where she came face to face with her beloved Nightwing, when he and the other Teen Titans joined forces.

However, at this time Nightwing was in a relationship with  his team mate Starfire, so ignored the advances of Flamebird.  In a desperate attempt to get her man, Flamebird confessed her love to Nightwing, explaining that she had loved him for years. She explained that he was the reason she became a Crime Fighter, and she was the ideal partner and ..... the only person for him. Confused by this confession, Nightwing told Bette that although  he was flattered  by her attention, and he felt honoured by  the fact that he had inspired her to become Flamebird, he did not love her. He tried to explain that he was in a relationship with Starfire, and even if he wasn't, the fact was  that he really did not know her..... so how could he love her !.

Bette was so wrapped up in her own feelings she  decided that Nightwing only needed more time, so continued to believe that Nightwing would soon come to his senses and would be hers at long last.

As Robin's new identify as Nightwing grew and adapted, so did his costume, and as a result Bette's Flamebird look tried to keep pace with the love of her life.

The Junior Caped Crusaders through the years.

Bette would continue this fantasy,  and whilst she did she would return to her Tennis career.  Bette's obsessive behaviour would have a serious impact on her  career on the court and as a member of the West Coast Teen Titans.  In her personal life she started to become more and more distant from her friends and family. Mainly due to the fact that she needed to win at everything all of the time. Also this caused problems in the ranks of the West Coast Titans, who's relationships with one another was always on shaky grounds from the start.

On the whole, Bette Kane was a good person, and a wonderful crime fighter, but her obsessive behaviour that she always need to win, and have her own way made it difficult for her to make friends or have any type of normal relationship with anyone.

Mentally she was stable, but her flights of fancy, and her love for Robin-Nightwing made her appear to be one step away from a full on Bunny Boiler.

Betty or Bette may have shown worrying behaviours as the Pre Crisis Bat-Girl, but the Post Crisis Flamebird took things to a new fanatical level.

Next time I will explain the impact that the Crisis had on the West Coast Teen Titans.


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