Friday, 17 August 2012


Born Sally Juspeczyk,  Sally spent most of her life hiding from who she really was.  A daughter of  Polish immigrates, Sally was ashamed of her Polish Ancestry. Adopting the name Jupiter she ran away from home and became a waitress whilst she waited to be discovered.

She later became a "STAR" as a dancer in a burlesque show, where her looks would thrill the gentlemen audiences...... 3 times a night.

Soon she started a career as a model of clothes, although she was noted for not what she worn, more like how little she wore.

In a attempt to gain further notoriety she tried her hand as a costumed hero. Unlike some of the other male masked heroes who kept their identities a secret, Sally Jupiter was happy for the world to know that she was THE SILK SPECTRE.

Her agent Laurence Schexnayder would be one of the people who helped launch the Minute Men onto the world stage. He knew how to control Sally, and mold her into a money making STAR

Again unlike her male counterparts, The Silk Spectre was more SHOW BUSINESS than real Masked Marvel, but the public loved her, and the press enjoyed writing about her heroic deeds.

Unfortunately, like alot of famous people, Sally's private life never measured up to her public life.  Where the Silk Spectre appeared to be a positive, flirty, in control and proud to be a sex symbol..... as plain Sally Jupiter in private, she was  unsure of herself and had serious self-esteem issues.  In Public Sally was the Silk Spectre, Idol of millions , and adored by all men, but behind closed doors  Sally she was just plain old Sally Juspeczyk, an ugly  Polish Girl who was unhappy with who she was.



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